The Creation Retreat is advanced, intensive, embodied learning, together, in paradise — powerful curriculum taught by Mama Gena over six days at a gorgeous resort on the Riviera Maya. You can expect to feel seen, heard, and met in a profoundly impactful way throughout.

There is nothing else on earth like this life-changing experience.


Arrive: Sunday, October 13, 2019
Retreat programming: October 14-19, 2019
Depart: Sunday, October 20, 2019

If it’s in your pleasure to arrive earlier or stay later, that is possible too!

The Creation Retreat is an experiential intensive, outside the distractions and obligations of normal space and time.

This learning retreat brings together the exotic and the practical, and will feel breathtakingly luxurious and deeply useful at the same time.

Once you begin the retreat, the details and logistics of life are handled and held. You get to focus on you—a rare and much-needed experience for most of us amidst the hustle of our demanding lives.

Surrounded by exquisite oceanfront beauty, you’ll come to relax. To surrender. To break-down. To be seen. To play. To feel. To practice, and experience, and learn in the full range of womanhood, sisterhood, and turn-on. Expect to be profoundly altered by the richness and depth of your experience.

Beyond an incredibly gorgeous, nourishing, and transformative adventure, the primary purpose of the The Creation Retreat is to teach you a new collection of advanced tools and rituals. These tools lay a foundation for the course, so you can then take them into your life for sustained practice, supported in sisterhood.

What I learned through the Creation program showed me
how to cultivate abundance in a feminine way.
Using the tools, I realized I had made about the same
amount of money as the year before, but with way less effort. I hardly did any of the masculine activities of building a business, and made the same amount as when I nearly killed myself working the year before.

Libby Wagner

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The time together will be carefully curated to engage your body, mind, and soul in an experience of transformation. You’ll have class sessions every day but one mid-week integration day, when intentional space is created for your own rest, adventure, and reflection. Although intensive, each day will also have ample spaciousness to enjoy our stunning surroundings. There will also be special gatherings and opportunities to go deeper during the evenings, for those desiring complete immersion.

Here’s a sample day, to give you an idea of what to expect….

Early morning: Enjoy a delicious breakfast, then take a dip in the ocean or practice yoga on the beach.

Late morning: Class Session 1

Mid-afternoon: Eat a nourishing lunch, digest and connect with your sisters.

Late-afternoon: Class Session 2

Early evening: Take a sensual barefoot beach walk, get a massage at the spa, play in the pool, delight your taste buds at one of the resort’s top notch restaurants.

Evening: Meet up for a special event, like a bonfire on the beach or dance party at the club, or stay in for a quiet bath.


Whether you’ve been practicing the Mastery tools on the regular since you graduated, or life has gotten you a bit off track, no matter! We’ve designed a beautiful on-ramp for you, to get you and your pussy right and reconnected before we all gather in Mexico.

Mama Gena is hosting two intimate, hour-long calls so we can connect in voice before we meet again in the flesh. We’ll attune to one another and the work so we can dive in deep that first retreat day.

Preparatory Creationista Connection Calls

These calls are only for The Creation Retreat participants, of course. They will be fluid, sexy, AMA (ask me anything)-style. You’ll be given an opportunity to submit questions in advance and Regena will answer as many as she can. And then get to more on the next call!

If there’s a Mastery tool you can’t quite figure out, or a kink in your receiving hose you need help untwisting, advice you desire around making the most of the retreat, or absolutely anything else, ask away!

Together, we’ll open the energetic container of this retreat in advance, extending the luscious, expansive feeling of Possibility.

Creationista Connection Calls One and Two will take place in early October.


You will leave Mexico with a vision of what feminine leadership will look like in your life, and with a plan for your first steps. While the retreat itself will be nourishing and inspiring and restorative, it’s truest aim is to be a catalyst for how you are going to show up in the world next.

The Creation Retreat is an investment in every day of your life after you get home; the week in Riviera Maya is just the cherry on top.

That’s why we reconnect one last time once we are all back in our everyday lives, beginning the beautiful integration and implementation we dreamed by the Caribbean Sea. This is not a “digestion call” but a working call, hosted by Regena, and led by you.

You are going to inspire the f*** out of one another, comparing notes on what you’re doing and how, strategizing, supporting, taking each other higher, practicing sisterhood as high art. This call will model for you what organic, feminine collaboration and leadership look like, and will lovingly sling you back into your world ready to “take it from here.”

Creationista Connection Call Three will take place the first week in November.

It was in this community, where I could find
my voice and stand for myself and my family
when no one else could.

Melinda Cohan

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The Creation Retreat is designed to help you become the woman you were always destined to be.

A woman who:

  • Has integrated turn-on into every aspect of her life, recognizing that pussy is her power source and her connection to divinity. A woman who is an expert in sustaining and nurturing this connection, even when (especially when), she might otherwise isolate from sisterhood or resist the tools.
  • Knows her worth unconditionally, from deep inside, independent of external measures of success — and from that place achieves incredible results in all areas of her life.
  • Understands that seduction is a way of life, where beauty is seduced from the mundane, and that her erotic nature shines through anything and everything she does.
  • Navigates the depths of any circumstance with grace and power, turning refuse into the rich mulch that fertilizes the soil of her next becoming.
  • Doesn’t look to blame or fall into victimhood, but rather takes full ownership of her experience, as the Creatrix of her life.
  • Asks for what she wants, trusts her decisions, and gracefully receives and surrenders to everything that comes her way.
  • Takes her rightful seat as a leader of the feminine, teaches the ways of sisterhood, and who generates a new paradigm — based in connection, communion, and deep reverence — for herself and the whole world.
Every woman is a legend. It’s time to live yours. If you are feeling the pull, reach out to continue the conversation — we’d love to connect with you one-on-one and help you feel into whether The Creation Retreat is a match for your desires.

Creation gave me the confidence to stop trying to talk
myself out of what I was feeling and to accept it, and say it
with love, openness and compassion.

Maya-Lin Green

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